2004 Iraq; Neighborhood Expansion

I've had this expansion planned for awhile now and was able to knock it out relatively quickly. My goal here was to provide this project with a residential environment to go along with the more downtown looking part of the city. I took inspiration from Sadr City, Iraq. The buildings are made out of solid … Continue reading 2004 Iraq; Neighborhood Expansion

1944 France; A Completed Project

Man! It has been some time since I have been active here, that doesn't mean I have not been busy with the hobby though! Looking back at my most recent post, I have a ton to catch up on... so let's start with the 1944 France project. After finishing the US Infantry Platoon, I went … Continue reading 1944 France; A Completed Project

Iraq Campaign Battle Report; “Beginner’s Luck”

This battle is a part of a sandbox campaign, which can be found here; 2004 Iraq Campaign I am using Force on Force as my miniature rule set with some added house rules, the game is played in 15mm. This is the first tabletop battle of my campaign from the Their Side of Town pack. … Continue reading Iraq Campaign Battle Report; “Beginner’s Luck”