2004 Iraq: More terrain and a new hobby space

My next couple of projects are going to be focused on walled compounds. I am experimenting using MDF as a base for these structures and the first project came out pretty decent. The color is a bit too red but overall I think it’ll fit nicely into the collection.

As I have been researching for a new project on the side I have come to the realization that I had outgrown my current work space(s). Miniature painting supplies were in the house and terrain building in the garage. I decided to build a couple of tables and combine the two. First I built a 6×6 foot table, which will serve as my gaming table, followed by a custom desk;

First time I’ve used a pocket jig with pocket screws, the results were better than I expected. I am going to miss the 8×8 foot table but I feel 6×6 is the best all around size for the gaming I am wanting to do.

Thanks for coming by.

3 thoughts on “2004 Iraq: More terrain and a new hobby space

    1. Growing up you couldn’t pay me enough to keep my things cleaned or organized, now I can’t go a day or two without it being organized and dress right dress. Thanks Pete, hope all is well.

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