Continuation and Details

Took a break from hobbying for a few months while real life required a bit more attention. While there was lost time, it has renewed my vigor as well as letting myself take a more objective look at the work I had already completed. One thing that was glaringly obvious was my lack of detail of what I was trying to replicate. My last big project, the Apartments, was nice and all but it looks nothing like a building in Iraq. I realized I was using ideas from my head instead of basing my builds on reference photos. Moving forward, more effort will be put into the details of my builds.

On the left is my apartment build, on the right is a reference photo (credit: www.worldatlas.comarticlesthe-biggest-cities-in-iraq.html)

Building the Gameboard

I’ve watched countless videos and read too many facebook posts to count about all the ways to create a tabletop for miniature wargaming. My initial plan was to use a a couple nice mousepad 6×4 foot mats but after some thought I decided against it. I couldn’t find a pattern that I liked and they are pretty damn expensive. I ended up using two 8×4 foot MDF sheets;

First step was sealing the sheets. I painted two coats of a combination of modge podge matte, pva glue, water and a tan paint.


Second step was applying two coats of just the tan paint. If I could go back I would thin down this paint a decent amount as it left ridges that were a lot more pronounced once I added in the sand.

Once dry I lathered the boards up with a mixture of pva glue and water. Using a bag of sand I purchased from Home Depot I sprinkled patches onto the board. I did not want to add too much to the board since I want my terrain to sit as flush as possible but I realized as time goes on a lot of the texture will end up coming off, so I added ended up adding a tad more than I had planned

Drying after the 2nd application of sand

Over all it came out as I had wanted. The boards did end up warping but with such big sheets of mdf it was easily fixed. Here is the final product;


As I start my quest for refining the details of this project, I figured trees and scatter terrain would be a good start. Palms are a huge part of Iraq, unfortunately they can be kind of hard to make. Woodland Scenics has great armatures for what seems like anything but palms and buying plastic ones at the amount I want is going to be expensive and take a lot of work to make them look not like cheap plastic. I’ve been experimenting and I believe I have found something that is going to work. I will probably make a separate post about them but here are some pictures of the early prototypes;

Overall it feels good to be back hobbying again, progress isn’t as fast as I want it to be but that’s life. Thanks for reading, take care.

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