2004 Iraq; Market with upper dwellings

Really fun build, first project using a significant amount of prints from my Photon S. It has added a whole slew of options to add to my projects. Tinkercad is also is fun a tool to fool around in for added customization in print designs; like these signs, benches and magazine stands.

One thing I learned during this build was trying not to input every piece or type of detail you can. I’ve noticed I have had a tendency to over paint or over create, resulting in muddled visuals and terrain pieces that just don’t ‘click’. This build I concentrated on adding detail via resin bits; no weathering, no pigments, no ground texture and a conservative paint scheme for the building. The end result gives a clearer visual of what it’s trying to represent, a market!

Looking forward to seeing this on the table, take care.

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