2004 Iraq; Compounds and Alleys

My original plan for a gaming surface on this project was neoprene mats. It gave way to a bit more of an immersive idea in whole mdf sheets with texture glued on top. Now, after a couple of projects I believe smaller mdf squares are the way to go.

The neoprene mats are great, but the flat look it gives a board is too much. Gravel glued on a sheet of mdf is a better look, but ultimately it really irked me how buildings would have gaps where they sat on the table and scatter terrain was always cockeyed.

My roads are built with 2 pieces of plasticard on top of each other in 10″ lengths. When painted up they have a bit of a high profile but this works as an advantage when it is butted up against a piece of mdf;

The thickness of the roads allow for a thicker piece of mdf to base terrain on

My last post featured a single compound that was 10″ x 10″, allowing roads to be placed all the way around it (example to the right). This turned out pretty slick so I quickly began working on a 20″ x 20″ block;

20″ x 20″ 3/8th inch MDF
MDF buildings are from gcmini

What I really like about being able to base terrain on these 10″ and 20″ squares is how crowded I can make them while still allowing plenty of ways to maneuver. It really helps sell the urban environment where the enemy can be around any corner you take, a real choking feeling.

Thanks for reading along, have a great one.

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