2004 Iraq; Neighborhood Expansion

I’ve had this expansion planned for awhile now and was able to knock it out relatively quickly. My goal here was to provide this project with a residential environment to go along with the more downtown looking part of the city. I took inspiration from Sadr City, Iraq.

The buildings are made out of solid pink foamular, cut with a hot wire. I 3D printed the windows and doors. Honestly this whole thing went a lot quicker than I imagined. The end result was exactly what I was looking for too, so this was a huge victory for me.

Still haven’t been able to get a game on it yet but when I do have an opportunity it’ll be put on the table first.

Thanks for checking it out, have a good one!

8 thoughts on “2004 Iraq; Neighborhood Expansion

    1. It has a bank in it for sure! It’s meant to represent a strip mall type building that has multiple business on the first floor with residential on the upper floors.

      It’s the center piece of the project, probably one of my favorite pieces I have ever made!

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    1. Thanks Luke I appreciate those words!

      This is all made to be in 15mm scale, though I think some of my scratch built stuff is skewed.

      The roads are made with plasticard and sandpaper. A base plasticard piece with strips of thinner pieces glued on the sides for the sidewalks, sandpaper glued in between.

      Sidewalks have AK Interactives texture paint Concrete on them, and the weathering is done with various Vallejo Pigments.

      Thanks again for the comment, hope you are having a great weekend!

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  1. That looks fantastic. I can see that solid blocks of foam would be much quicker to do them making walls individually. Do you not miss being able to intereact with the terrain by placing figures inside at all?



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    1. Honestly Pete I would be lying if I said I didn’t miss being able to put models inside these buildings. At least with the way I ‘game’ with this project, it’s more about commander decisions and less the individual soldier, making it a little less important that each model can be moved within buildings. If only I had unlimited time…

      Good to hear from you Pete, hope school and all is going well.


      1. Gaming at that level of command is a good decision, less finicky. Save that for skirmish games I guess.

        All good here thanks- hope you are keeping well.




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