1944 France; A Completed Project

Man! It has been some time since I have been active here, that doesn’t mean I have not been busy with the hobby though! Looking back at my most recent post, I have a ton to catch up on… so let’s start with the 1944 France project. After finishing the US Infantry Platoon, I went to work on the French countryside.

One thing I am I realizing is I love sacrificing reality for abstractness in my terrain boards (Historicals do tend to be a bit hard for this though). My plan was to make two different types of modular hedgerows, when put together they’ll give a little more realistic “flow” of natural terrain;

I ended up making three batches of trees for this project, even made a video about it! Most of these are just cheap plastic ones that I airbrushed. Armatures are tough to make, I spent a decent amount of time trying to make my own but I didn’t end up with anything that I liked! The learning and work never ends does it…

To round things out I finished up some support options for both the German and American platoons. When I started this project one thing I was looking forward to was building and painting some tanks and machine guns… so that’s where I started.

I bought two Panzers but unfortunately I have only been able to get one done (a Pz 4);

As time goes on one addition(s) I would like to add would be a Panzer 3 and a Tiger.

The Americans were assigned a lot of crew-serve fire power! I am a big fan of machinegun teams so that is where I started here…

I also added a scout car and a buddy of mine gave me a Sherman;

Like I have said before, no project is really ever done and I plan to come back as time goes on to add to it. However in its current state it’s completed enough where I can comfortably move on for now. The project was planned as a gateway game to hook locals at the FLGS into the Historical Gaming hobby, I am looking forward to sharing it with the community!

Thanks for reading, have a good one!

4 thoughts on “1944 France; A Completed Project

  1. Al of that looks great. The hedges look ideal for Normandy games.

    The MG team should add a decent bit of firepower too.

    I know what you mean about making armatures for trees- tried myself and it is pretty tricky really.



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  2. The terrain turned out very nicely and provides me with inspiration for my 20mm WWII project. Great job on the tanks and infantry too, whose faces have so much character thanks to the attention to detail you lavished on them.

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    1. I appreciate the words, my big priority for this project painting wise was working on faces…. have always been scared of them! It’s another example how rewarding this hobby can be, slow and agonizing at times but the juice is always worth the squeeze.

      Hope you’re having a great weekend!

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