1881 United States; The Wild West

As I continue through this hobby, one thing I have come to enjoy is the start of a new project. It's the anticipation of all the possibilities it could be, the hours of fun it will provide when finished. The thought of putting that last finished piece of terrain down on the table, stepping back … Continue reading 1881 United States; The Wild West

2004 Iraq; Neighborhood Expansion

I've had this expansion planned for awhile now and was able to knock it out relatively quickly. My goal here was to provide this project with a residential environment to go along with the more downtown looking part of the city. I took inspiration from Sadr City, Iraq. The buildings are made out of solid … Continue reading 2004 Iraq; Neighborhood Expansion

1944 France; Town Planning and Breaking Ground

A few months back when I completed my first US Infantryman (pictured right) I had grand visions of him storming a Normandy town, darting through streets and houses ducking from MG42 bursts. In my head I saw brickwork, destruction, cobblestone, craters, stone walls and rows of buildings. The town was large, looming, exhausting oneself just … Continue reading 1944 France; Town Planning and Breaking Ground