What do I want from a wargame?

As I take off my Warhammer training wheels and veer off into the unknown I keep asking myself “what do I want that warhammer does not provide?” Since I am not very knowledgeable on all the difference game systems and mechanics within them, I figure starting with what I disliked about Warhammer was a good … Continue reading What do I want from a wargame?

Wargaming vs Warhammer

I’m leaving you Warhammer. (Apr 2019, WH40K Urban Conquest ) My first foray into Warhammer and wargaming was a short one. Around the time of Warhammer 40k 3rd edition (2003ish) I was a freshman in high school. Saving for months I ended up buying ‘some’ IMPERIAL GUARD models. Much like everyone else in the existence … Continue reading Wargaming vs Warhammer