1944 France; A Completed Project

Man! It has been some time since I have been active here, that doesn't mean I have not been busy with the hobby though! Looking back at my most recent post, I have a ton to catch up on... so let's start with the 1944 France project. After finishing the US Infantry Platoon, I went … Continue reading 1944 France; A Completed Project

1944 France; US Infantry Platoon

Another major milestone hit with the completion of the US Infantry platoon. This unit is based on the TO&E of the 29th Infantry Division. Painting this platoon was a wild ride, the majority of these models were completed over four months ago... and at the time they made me realize I needed to improve painting … Continue reading 1944 France; US Infantry Platoon

1944 France; Town Planning and Breaking Ground

A few months back when I completed my first US Infantryman (pictured right) I had grand visions of him storming a Normandy town, darting through streets and houses ducking from MG42 bursts. In my head I saw brickwork, destruction, cobblestone, craters, stone walls and rows of buildings. The town was large, looming, exhausting oneself just … Continue reading 1944 France; Town Planning and Breaking Ground

Iraq Campaign Battle Report; “Beginner’s Luck”

This battle is a part of a sandbox campaign, which can be found here; 2004 Iraq Campaign I am using Force on Force as my miniature rule set with some added house rules, the game is played in 15mm. This is the first tabletop battle of my campaign from the Their Side of Town pack. … Continue reading Iraq Campaign Battle Report; “Beginner’s Luck”