1944 France; Painted Models and a Flocked Board

Been able to put some good work down on this massive endeavor, it’s really starting to take shape. I’m finding I enjoy this part in a project where you are getting enough terrain and models to start running small games to get the hang of different rule sets and savor some of the work you have been putting in!

The board is coming along nicely, surprisingly using less flock than I originally budgeted. The trees aren’t my favorite but in the quantity I am using them there was no realistic way of hand building them all. Still a bit of work to do in the grass areas, mostly trying to figure out the best way to cover up the seam where the two boards meet. It’s been fun learning how to model vegetation, something I hadn’t been able to do in my Iraq project.

As any terrain builder would know drying time is a huge part of the process! In an attempt to make the best use of my time as the board was in various drying stages I went to work on the first batch of German Infantry. As the doofus I am I didn’t plan too far ahead with what I needed to buy model and weapon wise to fill out some German rifle platoons. Combined with the severe lack of kar98k’s in the Wardlord kits I have ended up with half a Rifle Platoon and half a Grenadier Platoon, which will require me to buy another box of models (It’s almost like they designed the kit like that!).

Filling out the German platoons and finishing the beach landing board will be the next steps being worked on. Hopefully next time you hear from me both will be marked off the list, take care out there!

4 thoughts on “1944 France; Painted Models and a Flocked Board

    1. Thanks Pete.

      To be fair I think the only one that is truly bothered about having to buy and paint more minis is my wife!

      Thanks for always checking in, I appreciate it.

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    1. Thanks, I appreciate that!

      It is not modular, wanted to try one of these builds to get some experience. It’s been fun but I think i’ll mostly stick to modular terrain boards, much easier to handle.

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