1944 France; US Infantry Platoon

Another major milestone hit with the completion of the US Infantry platoon. This unit is based on the TO&E of the 29th Infantry Division. Painting this platoon was a wild ride, the majority of these models were completed over four months ago… and at the time they made me realize I needed to improve painting faces (which was my #1 goal with the later German Grenadier platoon) among other things. With the dozen or so models needed to complete the platoon I ended up doing a lot of (fun) experimentation on. When something didn’t turn out right I did what I could and moved on. While these are not my best collection of painted models, they have caused one of the biggest marked improvements I have seen in my painting since I started!

Also got to use some of the bocage / farmland terrain I have been working on. The Farmhouse and Barn kits from Black Site Studios are my favorite from them so far, big buildings that offer a lot of detail for little time commitment.

Now that this platoon is done, it’s time to move on to the support options. Not sure who will get what yet (outside the common ones; anti tank teams, sniper, medic etc), but I am very excited to paint a tank or two!

To end the post, here’s a bit of humor with one of my first attempts using a new skin color recipe. When I ‘finished’ it, the thing looked very pink… oh how I was I wrong!

Thanks for tagging along, hope you have a great one!

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