1944 France; Grenadier Platoon

Time flies when you’re having fun. Normally i’d be a bit frustrated with spreading myself so thin trying to keep up with my ambitions, but this project has been a joy to work on regardless. Between working on the big beach board, a scatter terrain board and painting models not a whole lot has been completed even though substantial work has been put into it all.

Today I hit a milestone by completing the first German infantry platoon; modeled after the 352nd Infantry Division during and immediately following DDay. While it’s composition is basic in nature, the MG42 provides the platoon with a lot of punch. Overall these guy were a joy to paint and I’m looking forward to finishing their US equivalent basic infantry platoon.

Thanks for scrolling through, take care!

6 thoughts on “1944 France; Grenadier Platoon

    1. Thanks Pete!

      The Orbat / game aid are indeed homemade. I’m planning on using this project to lure people into historicals, so I have been trying to find ways to get people rolling dice as soon and easy as possible.

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    1. Oh man. My goal for these guys was to improve my ability to paint faces. I always skipped over them on my warhammer models because I was scared! So truly, thank you for the compliment… that ones means a lot to me.

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