1881 United States; The Wild West

As I continue through this hobby, one thing I have come to enjoy is the start of a new project. It’s the anticipation of all the possibilities it could be, the hours of fun it will provide when finished. The thought of putting that last finished piece of terrain down on the table, stepping back and admiring the work…

Then that first batch of models or MDF kits arrive and that grandeur vision of a completed project turns into the smell of burnt wood and fresh shrink-wrap.

Well… here I am again…. it smells like burnt wood!

I’m sure like many folks, I grew up with older family members enthralled with ‘the Wild West.’ So many westerns sat through as a youngster visiting my grandparents. While I never had the patience to appreciate it at the time, those memories are damn precious.

Needless to say I have a massive soft spot for the the American Western aesthetic. While this time period was never really on the short list for future projects, I foolishly caught a glimpse of some beautiful Knuckleduster Miniatures. After showing my wife she expressed huge interest as well… we wanted a boomtown of our own!

So this is the very beginning of our town. The bank and land office have been established, the first few Deputy’s have been sworn in… all is quiet on the wild western front….

2 thoughts on “1881 United States; The Wild West

  1. I think I would have to be watching Deadwood as I made these, purely for inspiration of course. Though I think my dad would prefer I watch some John Wayne.


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