1944 France; A Completed Project

Man! It has been some time since I have been active here, that doesn't mean I have not been busy with the hobby though! Looking back at my most recent post, I have a ton to catch up on... so let's start with the 1944 France project. After finishing the US Infantry Platoon, I went … Continue reading 1944 France; A Completed Project

1944 France; US Infantry Platoon

Another major milestone hit with the completion of the US Infantry platoon. This unit is based on the TO&E of the 29th Infantry Division. Painting this platoon was a wild ride, the majority of these models were completed over four months ago... and at the time they made me realize I needed to improve painting … Continue reading 1944 France; US Infantry Platoon

1944 France; Town Planning and Breaking Ground

A few months back when I completed my first US Infantryman (pictured right) I had grand visions of him storming a Normandy town, darting through streets and houses ducking from MG42 bursts. In my head I saw brickwork, destruction, cobblestone, craters, stone walls and rows of buildings. The town was large, looming, exhausting oneself just … Continue reading 1944 France; Town Planning and Breaking Ground