Battle Report: A Walk in the Park

A Battle Report based on a 2004 day in Iraq using Force on Force by Osprey Games.

Everything is a rough WIP at this point; models, terrain and the writing.
(warning there is some language)

It’s early afternoon on this hot summer day. Locals have heard fierce fighting around them for days, only time before it reaches them they fear.

The loud rumble of US trucks can be heard in the distance, are they getting closer… are they here? The local cell leader grows nervous. He orders his men to defensive positions and to remain on alert. The civilian population grows uneasy…

1 Hour Prior

The Platoon leadership huddles around the LT for the OPORD. “Alright guys, another day let’s get after it. This is what we are looking at” holding out a map for everyone to see.

Building 4 is the target, need to talk to the guy that lives there. Intel doesn’t think he’s hostile, but there has been some enemy activity in the area so expect something. We going to work with 3 phases

Phase 1, Our 3 trucks will assume overwatch positions spanning the street. Dismounts will start filing out here

Phase 2, Gun team and the two 249’s will access building 3 and get to the roof to provide a support by fire. I will be with Alpha team across the street at building 7.”

Phase 3, Using bounding overwatch with the trucks, we will approach the target building, 4, and attempt to hail the resident.”

We talk to this dude and RTB, any questions?”

A Quiet Day No More

The Americans arrive on the eastern side of town, fearing the density of outlying buildings for ambush on the western side. This fear was well founded for the western side was well dug in by the Insurgents.

“Move to phase 1” the LT calls overs the radio

The lead truck zooms across the street and dismounts start pouring out. Immediately they come under fire, “In the hotel! 2nd 3rd floors!” the team leader yells out trying to direct his boys. “RPG!”

A RPG hits the front of truck 1, a direct hit. “FUCK” the LT mutters under the breath he is trying to catch, “Get our guys out of that truck!” he yells frantically. Hearing his words but knowing wiser, Alpha team starts engaging the enemies in the hotel. Engrossed in the realness of the moment, the Platoon Leader is unable to call for fire.

After what seems like forever to the guys in contact across the street, the 2nd truck rounds the corner. The gunner lays a burst into the hotel, the effect is null though as the muzzle flashes and dust kick up can still be seen in the windows and balconies. The vehicle stops at the corner of building 3, “perfect” the young driver remarks to himself. Bravo team dismounts and prepares to enter building 3.

Hearing the situation unfold over the radio, the Platoon Sergeant decides he needs to get into the fight, now. “Hard left, hop the curb! Get into that alleyway on the right, gunner you light up anything west of our position!”

Phase 1 is completed.

Having sustained two casualties and in heavy contact with an enemy strength unknown, the Platoon Leader is quickly realizing the peril they might be in.

Hey squad lead we need you on that fucking roof yesterday!” he barks over the radio.

The squad leader orders his men to enter the building with an urgency. As the last one to enter, he looks across the street before dashing through the doorway; a puff of smoke from a window and a giant boom rocks his senses.

RPG! From building….. 4, sonnnn of a bitchhh, non hostile my ass!” he clamors over the radio. “Truck 2 is down…”

The Americans are getting more than they can ask for. Two trucks have been destroyed and they have four casualties. None of the Insurgent units are suppressed and are still mostly intact.

A door slams open on the roof of building 3

Go go go, gun team I want you overwatching building 4! 249’s youre on the hotel!” yells the Squad Leader.

With the Americans in an elevated firing position, the Insurgents are slowly losing fire superiority. The Insurgents in the hotel have been mostly neutralized and the unit in building 4 are soon to follow.

Insurgents with casualties in Building 4 engaging US Forces

The Insurgents, sensing a loss in momentum start sending fighters to reinforce their current positions. Fire is being exchanged non stop between both sides.

Insurgents engaging US Forces as their reinforcements move

The Insurgent leader senses the battle coming to an end regardless if he wants it to or not. The Americans will soon bring the might of their artillery and planes down on them, they have done enough. He unleashes one final volley in hopes his men will be able to disengage immediately after.

Corner of building 4! They are making a push” yells the assistant gunner on the roof. “Lett’em have it!”

A DSHKA and RPG team on the outskirts respond to the American’s shooting from the roof, causing a casualty. They also score a killing blow on the 3rd truck causing two more casualties, totaling 7 for the Americans.

The LT finally gathering himself is able to call in a 500 lb JDAM from a F-15

HQ 1-1, we need immediate support on predetermined, how copy?”

The bomb hits the target and has great effect. The Insurgents are broken, they stuck around a tad too long.

As the remaining Insurgents withdraw from the field, the US forces can start evacuating their wounded. A 9 line is called, 7 US and 2 Iraqi Civilians wounded.

QRF arrives, the vehicles that brought them are no longer serviceable so the ride home will be nice. They destroy the sensitive equipment they cant recover from their damaged trucks and load up.

“HQ 1-1 this is A36 we are RTB.”

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