Wargaming vs Warhammer

I’m leaving you Warhammer.

(Apr 2019, WH40K Urban Conquest )

My first foray into Warhammer and wargaming was a short one. Around the time of Warhammer 40k 3rd edition (2003ish) I was a freshman in high school. Saving for months I ended up buying ‘some’ IMPERIAL GUARD models. Much like everyone else in the existence of modeling, I ordered way too many models to start off. Overwhelmed with no Duncan or YouTube to save me I was only able to paint an Infantry Squad and a Leman Russ.

Fast forward to the beginning of WH40k 8th Edition I by happestance end up walking by the FLGS on a day they were having a tournament. Seeing a dozen armies on tables with people laughing, having a good time was… luring. I quickly remembered packed away were a ton of models for this very game. Off quickly I went to see what had survived over the years; 5 Chimeras and 60 Guardsmen. I was hooked.

But was it warhammer or wargaming that intrigued me?

Warhammer 40K is awesome. The lore, the backstory and sheer amount of material in whatever medium(even video games) you want is enough to last one a lifetime. Yet after a year of playing it exclusively I began becoming frustrated with the game. I Go You Go means sitting for 30-40 minutes in some cases as your opponent “plays the game.” Some match ups are huge counters and are simply unavoidable in a tournament setting. To be competitive one has to be willing to spend money and time chasing the meta (which could be argued as a good thing). Warhammer 40K is awesome, but it has flaws. I tried narrative play, tried Urban Conquest for a change of pace but still felt discouraged. Overall the game is great, yet it was not fun. Was it over?

Wargaming is what intrigued me, not warhammer.

Once I realized that, it clicked… It’s okay to play other games *gasp*. There are so many  other game systems out there, ranging from all time periods, it’s overwhelming. After zeroing down on a few it surprised me just how different “wargames” could play on a table top; pull a die from a bag unit activation from Bolt Action, use of D6/8/10/12 die in Force on Force or even the smaller 15mm scale models of Flames of War game systems making the abstract scaling on a 6×4 foot table a little less jarring. All of this sounded awesome, all of this sounds awesome.

So here we are, another guy with another blog. Welcome to my journey of post-40k wargaming

(Oct 2018, WH40K ITC Champions Missions)

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    1. I appreciate the comment! One thing I have learned over the last year or so is the historical community is the niche of the niche but they are extremely supportive and fun.

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